boat to con dao island

Not only plane but also have another transportation of saving more, it's speed boat from Soc Trang Province go to Con Dao and vice versa when you want to travel to Con Dao. It's two speed boat named Superdong Con Dao

- Superdong Con Dao Speed boat (2 boats) can accommodate over 300 passenger/boat, trip's duration is 2 hours and a half (150 minutes/1 way trip).

- Have 2 round trip/day from Tran De Port (Soc Trang Province) to Con Dao and vice versa, 1 at morning and 1 at afternoon and

- Have a small canteen with bottled or cans drinks. Feed mainly is noodles and other snacks.

- From Ben Dam port to Con Son town about 12 kilometers and you can buy a bus ticket on the boat if you want to go to town by bus.

However, there is a point to keep in mind when you decided to choose this transportation, that's seasickness. From March to August, go to Con Dao by ship is an enjoyable experience, but from September to February, travelling by ship will be a torment and may be canceled without notice because of bad weather. So you should consider before choosing.

Note:  Con Dao Excursions would like recommend you should travel to Con Dao by ship from March to August.


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Flr.3A, T1B Tower, M.One Bld., Be Van Cam Str., Tan Kieng Ward, Distr. 7, HCMC, Vietnam
Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam




Superdong Con Dao Speed boat

Inside Superdong Con Dao Speed boat