Hi-speed Canoe - Car - Bus - Motocycle for rent

To discover the islands in Con Son Bay, you have a choices: high-speed canoe (maximum 15pax/ group).

Beside that, we supply these sevices in Con Dao Island, such as car rentel and motocycle for rent

Flights to Con Dao Island - Air ticket booking

Plane is the most popular and convenient when you want to travel to Con Dao, it's helping guests have more time for sightseeing and convalescence with time not too long (3-4 days ).

boat to con dao island

Speed boat ticket to Con Dao Island

Not only plane but also have another transportation of saving more, it's speed boat from Soc Trang Province go to Con Dao and vice versa when you want to travel to Con Dao. It's two speed boat named Superdong Con Dao