Catching fish in light in Con Dao islands

Each the “Water exhausted” (called by local people when the tide gets the lowest water-level on the first day of the Lunar month), Con Dao’s inhabitant call for each other noisily to go to catch fish in the light.

Fishing in Con Dao islands

In summer at Con Dao, there are precipitate flights from Sai Gon and full passenger ships from Cat Lo which bring tourists come to clear and blue beaches called “heaven on Earth”. At Con Dao this season, you will see the purple Giant Crape-myrtle, the red flamboyant, and blossom lotus pond in Hai An lake when you go anywhere. The sun and wind may help the tropic flower be more ruddy and also help  the island get more attention from tourists.

CON DAO – From hell on earth to paradise for recreation

Con Dao is not only a famous prisons system with many camps, such as Phú Hải, Phú Tường or Phú Bình ... and the confinement method is hard to imagine as tiger cages, cow barn ... but also the beauty of wild nature and the blue beaches. They are to explore the diversity of primary forest Ông Đụng – Sở Rẫy, to recognize rich nature when fishing at Bông Lan island, squid fishing in Tàu Bể cap,  to be fascinated with the beauty of the sea before the colorful coral reefs at Hòn Tre or seeing turtles laying on Bảy Cạnh island at night.