Sea turtles are known to feed and rest off and on during a typical day. During nesting season, research conducted in the southeast United States helped discovered that loggerheads follow regular patterns between the nesting beach itself and offshore reefs and other rocky structures. It is presumed that mating and/or feeding occurs at these offshore areas.


Depart: 3:30pm

Return: 6:00am next morning

3:30pm:  Pick up at the hotel to Côn Sơn port then depart for turtle trip on Bảy Cạnh island, which is the second largest island after Côn Sơn and has the most sea turtles come lay eggs yearly. 

4:30pm: Stop at Bờ Đập beach, swimming and snorkeling before getting the shore. Walking on the concrete road leads to Bảy Cạnh ranger station, visitors have chance to learn about the mangrove forest, its important role to the environment in Côn Đảo. Visit all of activities which serve for  sea turtle conservation.

6:00pm: Have dinner at Ranger station.

7:00pm: Follow the Ranger, visitors dicover living habitat of  “tank” crab at night in the mangrove forest. All regulation and notes about watching turtles lay eggs will be provided to visitors by rangers and guide.  Everything should do at that moment is wait for mother turtles. Come to the beach instantly when the ranger say “it’s the time!” Try to work with the ranger on sea turtle conservation and let’s imagine you are rangers. Have snack meal. Overnight at Bay Canh island.

6:00am: Release hatchlings to the sea (if booked in advance). Come back the town.

7:00am: Tour ends at the port./.


Pax Qty
2 - 3 PAX
4 – 6 PAX
7 – 10 PAX
10 - 12 PAX
> 13 PAX
Price per pax


135USD (canoe)


122USD (canoe)


109USD (canoe)


100USD (canoe)

Please contact to get the cheapest price

Price include: Pick-up and transfer by car, composite speedboat, all admission fees, English speaking guide, pure water, coffee, tea, snorkeling gears, sleeping hammock at Ranger station, dinner, insurance

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